It’s time for a new instalment of Flooring Fun Facts!

We recently had a query on Instagram from a growing family that has 2 adults, 3 children (with one on the way) and 2 pups. They are working with an interior designer to select finishes for a new home and were struggling to finalize their oil finish colour for the hardwood floors. In this case, their designer was recommending several of our lighter stains – including Stone, Beach and Driftwood. The family wanted to ensure one of these options would help “mask food crumbs and other debris“.

Truth be told, we know all too well that the modern day family is always on the go. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to get food into the family before rushing out the door to school, a sports practice or appointment. And while we always suggest that you immediately wipe up any spills (no excuses!!), when it comes to food crumbs, we fully appreciate adding “full time cleaner” to your chore list might be unreasonable. So sometimes, those crumbs need to be “masked” until you can pull out the cleaning tools. If this sounds like your life, when you’ll probably want to consider one of our lighter floor finishes.

If you find yourself in need of assistance in order to select a wood species or finish for your project, connect with us here at Logs End or come visit our showroom at 66 Iber Road in Ottawa’s west end. We’re always happy to help! ⠀